“Life is JAMMING - grab a brush!”


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Paint Jam For One Kit - $70

All you need to Paint Jam in your own home.

Great gift for adults and kids!

This kit includes:
· Solid wood table-top easel 17.5” x 6.5” x 5”
· Twelve 12 ml tubes of paint
· 10-well palette
· Collapsible brush basin
· Two water cups
· Two paint saver keys
· One 16” x 20” canvas panel
· 7 brushes
· Three plastic palette knives
Easel comes fully assembled and is portable.

Frames To Go - $40/$60

Make your art piece a show piece with ready made frames.

2 sizes and 3 colors to choose from.

Frames available in Natural, Black and Cherry colors

16" X 20" $40

24" x 36" $60

Paint Jam Grid Gift - $95.00

A unique gift for the guest of honor added on to a Paint Jam Party. Similar to a quilt where everyone contributes a square or a card that everyone signs, a “Group Grid Gift” is a 24” x 36” framed canvas that is grided with tape for each party guests to paint a square of the grid, when it’s filled the tape comes off. It is ready to hang as a one of a kind memory of the quests and the special occasion.

Frames available in Black, Natural, or Cherry finishes

Paint Jam Grid Kit - $150.00 

Includes framed grided Canvas 24” x 36”, assorted brushes, an acrylic paint set, artist palette, and a drop cloth. This paint kit doubles as a fun party activity and gift. It’s a painted quilt where everyone paints a square. It lets a group Paint Jam on their own, creating a one of kind gift for the guest of honor, teacher or boss.

Frames available in Black, Natural, or Cherry finishes

Kids Birthday Party “Goodie Bags” - $5.00/per guest

· Mini paint set
· A long handled brush
· An artist palette

All packaged in a colorful bag