“Life is JAMMING - grab a brush!”



Imagine you and 10 or more friends gathering for an event of unleashed creativity!

We supply the tools to inspire with professional art materials.

Freeze a moment in time and walk away with your vision in hand: a personal painted creation and the ultimate party favor.

Paint Jamming is a unique and dynamic way to mark life's milestones, entertain friends & clients.

  • Big Birthdays 21st, 30th , 40th , 80th
  • Little Birthdays - Kids Parties Ages 6 And Up
  • Baby Showers, Bachelorettes & Bridal Parties
  • Corporate Picnic Event or Stress Relief Party
  • Family Reunions
  • Anniversary
  • Girls Night Out
  • Book Club Party
  • Holiday Party
  • Cocktail Party
  • Graduation
  • College Apartment/ Dorm Art Party
  • Fraternity or Sorority Party

Nancy S. of Santa Barbara writes:

"It was great to learn more about my friends (confidence, ingenuity, enthusiasm, spirit) and more about myself. I was really able to grow and strengthen (as I told a few of you... uncapping my creativity is very difficult for me- somewhat type A, lack of confidence with my skills, etc.) and I actually LOOK FORWARD to the next time we are fortunate to do this!"